Personalised Nutrition


Our extensive blood panel gives insights into hormonal imbalances, inflammation and specific disease conditions. These objective results help us to formulate a plan for you, that will support and boost the functioning of all these systems. We focus on optimising glycemic control and micronutrient levels through dietary modification and nutrition therapy.

Body Composition

The DXA scan will provide you with a detailed analysis of your body composition (the distribution of fat and muscle in the body) and bone mineral density (BMD). Your body composition is a reflection of you blood biochemistry, lifestyle patterns and dietary intake. Our focus is to reduce total body fat percentage while increasing the more metabolically active lean muscle mass.

Metabolic Testing

Information relating to your metabolism (RMR) and substrate utilisation (viz carbohydrate or fat dominance) aids in formulating precise programmes to improve your metabolism and optimise your fuelling efficiency. This essentially means getting you to be more metabolically efficient to burn fat through dietary modification.


We offer extensive genetic panels that include disease risk, detoxification mechanics, performance markers , lactose & gluten intolerances, to name a few. By using a patented method, this test provides you with dietary recommendations and micronutrient requirements that are genetically-matched to help prevent a number of conditions and achieve your goals faster.

Personal Microbiome

An individual's microbiome has the power to affect overall health, the digestive system, immunity, obesity, glycemic control, mood, absorption of nutrients etc. Mapping of the microbiome gives us a better understanding of the internal systems and aids in developing personalised treatment methods to attain homeostasis. Unlike your genetic make- up, your microbiome can be manipulated through dietary modification and supplementation.

Metabolic Profile

In order to function at your optimal, your body must be capable of processing food through it's complex metabolic pathways to generate energy and to restore health. Mapping your metabolite profile gives insights into metabolic blocks and digestive abnormalities. Programmes can then be designed to manage nutritional imbalances through targeted supplementation and dietary modifications.

Planning your diet

At PHD we recognise that each individual is unique and hence we create personalised nutrition programmes based on objective diagnostics and your individual goals. Based on the information we gather from the diagnostics and initial consultation, the team uses an evidence-based approach to translate into action a customised plan to optimise your health.

We offer a variety of nutrition programmes and services for individuals as well organisations based on the requirement.

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