Body Composition


Obtain objective information on your body composition. Find out your total body fat % and lean mass as well as your visceral fat.

Risk predictive

Understand your bone health and osteoporosis risk by assessing your BMD at your AP spine, femurs and forearms. You can also guage other health risks like diabetes,heart disease and inflammation through your visceral fat analysis.


Establish your baseline and then schedule a follow up DXA scan to monitor progress.

Used for everyone

The DXA can be used for individuals looking to manage their weight and monitor body fat loss and visceral fat. It is also a great feedback tool for elite athletes looking to achieve a low ratio of fat to lean tissue mass as well as to track muscle growth during a rehabilitation programme.


Scheduling a DXA is easy and the test takes only 15 minutes! You get your report instantly and can go through it with our team of experts.

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