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Blood Analytics
A blood test is a great place to start. Establish your baseline by analyzing key biomarkers that go beyond the norm. Find out more
Metabolic Rate Testing
Understand your body's metabolism to build personalised nutrition plans and correct plateaus in weight. Find out more
Body Composition & Bone Mineral Density
A DXA scan is the most accurate and reliable method for measuring your body composition and bone health. Find out more
VO2 Max Testing
Discover your cardiorespiratory fitness and your personalized training zones to enable you to exercise more efficiently. Find out more
We provide predictive genetic profiling to determine muscle type & structure, athletic performance and micronutrient requirement. Find out more
Metabolic Profiling
Get an insight into metabolic blocks, absorptive abnormalities and micronutrient deficiencies that you may have. Find out more
Microbiome Analysis
Analyse your gut microbiome and receive actionable recommendations to improve gut health. Find out more
Mental Conditioning
Develop strategies to deal with performance anxiety and stress-related issues. Find out more
Performance Nutrition
Build a customised plan for Performance Nutrition to ensure fuelling efficiency, inflammation management and nutrient balancing. Find out more
Performance & Conditioning
We analyze every aspect that goes into performance to give you a sport-specific plan to ensure optimal performance. Find out more

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