Performance & Conditioning

Physical Assessment

Comprehensive consultation and physical assessments are done to establish a baseline, goals and specific training methods. This assessment helps place you with the trainer who will be the best fit for your unique fitness goals and sport.

Biomechanical Assessment

It deals with static and dynamic examination and assessment of joint complexes (foot and ankle, knee, hips and spinal column) and their interrelationships, under both weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing conditions.

Work-Load Management

Monitoring training loads is one of the simplest ways to determine an athlete's response to training stress over a period of a time. By monitoring what an athlete has performed in a week (Acute workload) compared to what he has been prepared for (Chronic workload), the strength and conditioning coach can begin to build trends in predicting injury risk. Predicting and ultimately preventing injury is the "Holy Grail" to optimizing an athlete's performance.

Recovery and Injury Management

Prehab and rehab programmes are designed with regard to player injury history and musculoskeletal dysfunction patterns which are deduced through intensive screening. Advanced joint mobilization and taping techniques can be implemented to ensure the shortest recovery timelines. Structured Rehabilitation and timelines are built to ensure a quick and safe return to on-ground activities. We use EWOT ( Exercise with Oxygen Therapy) for recovery and injury management protocols.

Movement Screening

We identify functional limitations and asymmetries by screening your movement patterns. Issues like this can reduce the effects of functional training and physical conditioning and distort body awareness. Progress is constantly tracked by coaches to expedite processes.The Movement Screen Score is used as it directly links to the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns.

Musculoskeletal System Assessment

This will be carried out by a physiotherapist and includes an evaluation of the condition and functioning of an athlete's muscles, joints, and bones for factors that may contribute to abnormalities in body structures.

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