Performance Nutrition

Fuelling Efficiency

We determine what fuel substrates and nutrients need to be a part of your daily diet in order to optimise the journey to your goals - whether you want to focus on strength, endurance, avoiding burn-out or enhancing recovery. We also pay close attention to caloric load management based on your body composition and energy requirements.

Biochemical and Nutrient Balancing

The programme helps you achieve and maintain a balance in nutrients with periodic assessments. At the halfway mark we will retest certain key parameters to keep track of your biochemical status and make changes that are backed by your body's specific responses.

Inflammation management

Acute inflammation is synonymous with athletes as it's the body's way of recovering from daily wear and tear, overtraining and physical & chemical stress. However as it hinders with the body's recovery process we ensure to keep it well under control.

Personalised supplement stacks

Using a combination of our own line of highly-researched and carefully formulated supplements and the best in the current market, we give you all the supplementation you actually need to keep you functioning at optimum.

Nutrient Timing

In order to manipulate body composition and athletic performance special attention is given to the scheduling of macro and micronutrient fueling. We also use advanced technology like Continuous Glucose Monitors, to track fuel metabolism & utilisation and to prevent hypoglycemic episodes.

Recovery & immunity protocols

It's important to adapt your body to the stress you administer to it- whether it's refueling your protein and liver glycogen stores or gauging how best to keep your recovery period at its shortest but most efficient.

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